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Group Photo

Principal Investigator


Dr. Tsun-Kong Sham

Distinguished University Professor

Canada Research Chair

Director of Soochow - Western Centre for Synchrotron Radiation

Ph.D. University of Western Ontario

B.Sc. Chinese University of Hong Kong

E-mail: tsham@uwo.ca

Post-docs and Research Associates


Dr. Yun-Mui Yiu

Ph.D. University of Maryland

E-mail: yyiu@uwo.ca


Dr. Zhiqiang Wang

Ph.D. Nanjing University

E-mail: zwang443@uwo.ca


Dr. Weihan Li

Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China

E-mail: wli587@uwo.ca

Graduate Students


Lu Yao

Ph.D. Student

M.Sc. Western University

B.Sc. University of Waterloo

E-mail: lyao52@uwo.ca


Jiamin Fu

Ph.D. Student

(co-supervised by Prof. Andy Sun)

M.Sc. Chinese Academy of Sciences

E-mail: jfu226@uwo.ca


Jiabin Xu

Ph.D. Student

(co-supervised by Profs. Huang, Sun and Zhong)

M.Sc. Soochow University

E-mail: jxu762@uwo.ca


Carlos Mendes

M.Sc. Student

B.Sc. State University of Campinas

E-mail: cmendes5@uwo.ca


Zhiliang Dong

Ph.D. Student

(co-supervised by Prof. Yang Zhao)

B.Sc. Western University

M.Sc. Western University

E-mail: zdong47@uwo.ca

Undergrad Students

Visiting Scholars

Former and Current Members

HQP coming through T.K. Sham's lab: graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associate and visiting scholars at Western


Training @ UWO Since 1988

Present Position

Bingxin Yang

1988-1991 CSRF Staff (PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, BNL)

Accelerator Physicist, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago

Mark Kuhn

1989-2003 PhD (Chem)

Senior Engineer, Intel (Oregon), a co-inventor of new dielectric gated oxide

R. Sammynaiken

1989-1991 PhD candidate (transferred. to U. New Brunswick); 1999-2000 RA (UWO)

Manager, Saskatchewan Structure Science Centre, & U. Saskatchewan

Z.H. Lu

1989-2001 PDF (PhD, U. Montreal)

Professor, CRC Tier I (2010-2017), Materials, U. Toronto

Arthur Bzowski

1989-1995 BS & PhD (Chem)

Self-employed, CEO

Jianzhang Xiong

1991-1996 PhD (Chem)

Federal Government (Ottawa)

Detong Jiang

1991-1994 NSERC PDF (Ph.D, Physics, Simon Fraser U.)

Associate Professor, Condensed Matter Physics, U. Guelph

Takashi Murata

1994 NSERC Visiting Scholar (Kyoto University of Education)

President of the Kyoto University of Education (ret.)

Ian Coulthard

1992-1998 BS & PhD (Chem)

Senior Staff Scientist, Canadian Light Source, beamline development

Steve Naftel

1991-1999 PhD (Chem) Graduate Study in Physical Anthropology,

Visiting scientist, UWO

Yingjie Zhu

1997-1998 Visiting Scholar, RA (PhD, University of Science and Technology of China)

Professor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS, China

Zou Zheng

1997 Visiting summer student, (National University of Singapore)

Electronic Company in Singapore

Yongfeng Hu

1998 PDF, joint with Bancroft, 2000-2003, CSRF Staff, 2003-2007

Senior Scientist, SXRMB, Canadian Light Source

Wei Chen

1999-2000 Senior visiting scientist

Professor, Nano-Bio Physics, UT at Arlington (UTA)

Peng Zhang

1999-2003 PhD (Chem)

Professor, Chemistry, Dalhousie University

Grace P.S. Kim

2000-2005 PhD (Chem)

Research Officer, McMaster University

Alexander Sodatov

2003 Centre for Chemical Physics (CCP) Visiting Scientist

Professor and Director for Nano Center, Southern State University, Russia

Y.H. Terry Tang

2000-2002 PDF (PhD, City University of Hong Kong)
2012 -2013 Visiting Scholar

Professor, Materials Science, Hunan University, China

X.H. Jeff Sun

2000-2001 Visiting PhD student
2003-2004 PDF (PhD, City University of Hong Kong)

Professor, FUMSOM, Soochow University, China;

K.V.R. Rao

2001-2002 CCP Fellow (India)

Associate Professor, Physics University of Rajasthasn, India

Frankziskus Heigl

2003-2005 PDF (PhD, Physics, Free University of Berlin)

Self-employed Engineer, Math Teacher, Zurich Switzerland

Xingtai Zhou

2002-2006 PDF (PhD, Applied Physics and Materials, City University of Hong Kong)

Division Head and Professor, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS

Simone Lam

2004-2006 MSc (Chem)

MBA (York U.), Business Manager in Toronto

Lidia Armelao

Visiting Scientist (Padova, Italy), CCP fellow (2006, 2008); University Visiting Scholar (2007, 2011)

Professor, University of Padova, Director, CNR, Institute of Condensed Chemistry and Technology for Energy, Italy

Rick Grawburg

2006-2008 MSc (Materials, UWO) joint supervision with Andy Sun

Science Tech. Sale, London ON

Olga Lobacheva

2006-2008 MSc (Physics, UWO), 2009-2015 PhD (Physics, UWO)


Haitao Fang

2007 CCP Fellow

Professor, Materials, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Jigang Zhou

2003-2007 PhD (Chem) Joint supervision with Z. Ding

Industrial Scientist, Canadian Light Source

Julie Thompson

2005-2006 PDF seconded to work at CLS (PhD, Italy)

Industrial Scientist, Canadian Light Source (now staff ,U Sask)

Michael Murphy

2005-2010 PhD (Chem.)

Staff Scientist, DESY Photon Science, Germany, self-employed CEO since 2016

Peter J.Y. Ko

2005-2010 PhD (Chem.)

Staff Scientist, CHESS, Cornell University

Songlan Yang

2010-2011 NSERC PDF (PhD, Materials, U. Saskatchewan)

Visiting Scientist, CLS (2012), Currently self-employed

Zhiqiang Wang

2010- PDF (PhD, Physics, Nanjing University)

Research Associate, UWO

Lijia Liu

2007-2012 PhD (Chem.)

Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

Matt Ward

2008-2013 PhD (Chem.)

Staff Scientist, CLS@ APS, Argonne National Lab, now Angstrom Engineering, Kitchener

Dongniu (David) Wang

2009- 2013 PhD (MME, UWO) joint supervision with Andy Sun

Staff Scientist, PGM Beamline, CLS

Xiaoxuan (Vince) Guo

2010-2015 PhD (Chem.)

Staff, Chemistry @ University of Regina

Chihiro Yogi

2009 Visiting MSc student (Applied Chemistry, Ritsumeikan U. Japan)

Japanese company, Japan

Zhoutong He

2011 Visiting PhD summer student (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS)

Staff Scientist, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (CAS)

Hongbin Liang

Summer, 2011, UWO Visiting University Scholar (Sun Yat-sen University, China)

Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Fuyan Zhao

2011-2013, CSC Visiting PhD student (China University of Geosciences, Beijing), PhD 2014

Research Assistant, R&D Center of Lubricating and Protecting Materials, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

Yongji Tang

2011-2013, PDF (PhD, Materials, U. Saskatchewan,), joint supervision with Andy Sun


Ankang Zhao

2012 – MSc candidate (Chem.) joint supervision with Y. Song

working in Hong Kong

Dong Zhao

2012-2014 Visiting PhD student (China University of Geoscience, Beijing)

Research Associate (China University of Geosciences, Beijing now CAS lab in Beijing

Xiao Chen

2012-2013, Visiting student from Dailan Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS, seconded to work at the CLS with Yongfeng Hu

PhD candidate, Dailan Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS

Jun Li

2013-2016 PhD  (Chem.)

Banting PDF (2017-19, Toronto), Madam Curie Fellow in Switzerland (2019-21)

Biqiong Wang

2012-2016 PhD candidate (Engineering) joint supervision with Andy Sun

staff with GM (Detroit)

Wei Xiao

2012–2016 PD candidate (Engineering) joint supervision with Andy Sun

Faculty in a Xi'An University of Technology

Hui Zhang

2013 (Sep-Dec) visiting student from Soochow University, joint supervision with Jeff Sun

Research Scientist, Shanghai University of Science and Technology

Deijan Hou

2013-2014 CSC visiting student from Sun Yat san University

Professor, Lecturer, university in China

Madalena Kozachuk

2014-2019, PhD (Chem)

Nuclear Research Center, Deep River, ON

Yi Liu

2015 (May),Visiting Student from Soochow University

Engineer in a company in China

Jiwei Wang

2016-2019 2+2 PhD, jointly supervised with Andy Sun (Western) and Jeff Sun(Soochow)

Battery materials and device, PDF, MME , Western

Fei Sun

2016-2019 2+2 PhD, jointly supervised with Andy Sun and Jeff Sun

Battery materials and device, MME, Western

Hendrick Chan

2016-2017 MSc, jointly supervised with Yining Huang

Fanshawe College to pursuit a non-science career

Yingying Jiang

2016-2017 PhD, CSC visiting student from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics for 12 months

Assistant Professor, Shanghai University

Changan Liu

2015 Exchange from Soochow University, Metal oxide nanotubes

Soochow University

Meng Zhang

2017 Exchange from Soochow University, SnO2 nanomaterials

Soochow University

Mingtao Tan

2018 Exchange from Soochow University, Hetero-nanomaterials

Soochow University

Minsi Li

2016-2021 PhD, CSC, jointly supervised with Andy Sun

Li-ion battery

Weihan Li

2017 (PhD,USTC), PDF joint with Andy Sun
2023 PhD (UWO)

Synchrotron for energy materials and devices

Jiatang Chen

2016-2020 PhD, Chemistry

Postdoc Associate at CHESS

Lu Yao

2017-2019 MSc, Chemistry
2020- PhD, Chemistry

PhD program (Chemistry) in progress

Ali Feizabardi

2017-2019 MSc, Chemistry

Business school, Queens University

Xuejie Gao

2017-2021 PhD, MME, CSC, Li-ion batteries, 3D printing, joint with Andy Sun

Shumin Zhang

2018-2022 PhD, solid state electrolytes , joint with Andy Sun

MME PhD grogram (Western)

Yipeng Sun

2018-2021 PhD, Li-ion battery, joint with Andy Sun

Xuchun Wang

2018-2022 2+2 joint with Prof. Qiao Zhang of Soochow

Postdoc at APS

Denys Vidish

2019-2021 MSc, functional nanoparticles, joint with Giovanni Fanchini

PhD program in Engineering, University of Waterloo

Jiamin Fu

2019-2023 PhD, solid state electrolytes, joint with Andy Sun

Chem PhD program (Western)

Zhiliang Dong

2019-2021 MSc, p-type nano ZnO semi-conductors
2022- PhD, co-supervised by TK and Yang Zhao at MME

MME PhD program (Western)

Abdolah Samili

2018-2019, Visiting Professor from Iran (sabbatical)

Professor of Analytical Chemistry, University of Kurdistan, Iran

Bingyu Dong

2021-2023 MSc, ZnO/TiO2 heterostructures

Chem MSc program (Western)

Carlos Mendes

2021- MSc, co-supervised by TK and Giovanni Fanchini in Physics Department

Research scientists and beamline staff during Sham’s OCMR professorship (1998-2003), directorship of the Canadian Synchrotron Radiation Facility (CSRF) at U. Wisconsin-Madison (1999-2008) and current duty as Beam Team Scientific Leader for the SGM, PGM and SXRMB beamlines for the Canadian Light Source (CLS)



Present Position

X.H. Feng

1992-1998, Staff, CSRF,


Kim Tan

1999-2004, Manager, CSRF

Senior Staff, Canadian Light Source (retired)

Brian Yates

1999-2000, CSRF Staff

Staff, Metrology lab, Canadian Light Source

Yongfeng Hu

1998 PDF, 2000-2003, CSRF Staff, 2003-2007

Senior Scientist, SXRMB, Canadian Light Source

Astrid Jurgensen

2002-2006, CSRF Staff/Manager

Staff, Free University of Berlin

Nappathurai Apparthurai

2005-2008, CSRF Staff

RA, Brockhouse, CLS

Ian Coulthard

2000-2005 Beamline Scientist, SGM beamline Canadian Light Source

Senior Scientist, Beamline R&D, Canadian Light Source

Tom Regier

2001-2007 Research Associate, SGM beamline Canadian Light Source

2007 –present, Beamline Scientist, SGM, Canadian Light Source

Robert Blyth

2005-2007 Beamline Scientist, SGM, Canadian Light Source

Assistant Research Director, Canadian Light Source

Lucia Zuin

2001-2007 Research Associate, PGM Beamline, Canadian Light Source

2007- present, Beamline Scientist, PGM, Canadian Light Source

David Chevrier

2007- 2009 Research Associate, SXRMB, CLS

2009- left for industry

Christopher Ryan

2009-2011, Research Associate, PGM, CLS

Research Associate, PGM, CLS (now in industry)

Qunfeng Xiao

2009-present Research Associate, SXRMB, CLS

Research Associate, SXRMB, CLS

Lachlan Maclean

2009-present Research Associate, SXRMB, CLS

Research Associate, SXRMB, CLS (now in industry)

Isabelle Gauthier,

2010-2014 Science Associate

Science Associate PGM (now in industry)

Aimee Maclennan

2013-2015, Science Associate

Science Associate SXRMB (Left for industry)

Mohsen Shakouri

2017- present,

Science Associate, SXRMB

Xiaoyu Cui

2011- Staff Scientist

Photoemission scientist at CLS (left in 2019)

Teak Boyko

2014-Science Associate

now at REIX

Undergraduates since 2009


Training @ UWO Since 2009

Present Position

Jeremy Smith

4490 BSc thesis (2010-2011)
ZnO luminescence

Graduate study, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Will Deibel

4490 BSc thesis (2009-2010) Magnetic semiconductors

Western graduate program, unknown

Jeff Chan

4490 BSc thesis (2009-2010) Au nanostructures


Sun Kim

4490 BSc student (2010-2011), Biomineralization,TiO2 nanotubes

Graduate school, Chemistry, University of Alberta

Regina Sinelnikov

4490 BSc thesis (2013-2014), Solid state NMR and XAS of MOF

Graduate school, Chemistry, University of Alberta

Aditya Balaji

4490 BSc thesis (2013-2014), Iron oxide nanotube

Western graduate school, Engineering

Allison Halliday

4490 BSc thesis (2013-2014), XEOL from ZnO


Aaron Kirkey

4490 BSc thesis (2016-2017), Hydrothermal induce phase transition of TiO2 NT

Graduate study, Chemistry, University of Alberta

Charlotte Wallace

4490 BSc thesis (2016-2017), ZnS nanotube on Al2O3

Graduate study, University of Toronto

Kris Kalb

4490 BSc thesis (2016-2017), ZnS nanotubes on TiO2

Business school

Brianne Potts

4490 thesis (2016-2017), Turning Back Time: Characterization of Nineteenth-Century Daguerreotypes in the Twenty-First Century (joint with FLL)


Jonathan Wong

NSERC summer student, SnO2 nanostructures (2017)

MSc student, Chemistry, UWO

Patricia Laylo

4490 BSc thesis Electro-cleaning of Daguerreotypes


Yasan Parto

4490 BSc thesis: ZnS-ZnO-composites


Zhiliang Dong

4490 BSc, p-type ZnO nanostructure

MSc Western (fall 2019)

Riley Hooper

NSERC summer, Ta oxide nanotubes

MSc Alberta (fall, 2019)

Michael Donley

Cu based core shell structures

4491 Western WDN

Clement Lee

Si/Al quantum dots (joint with Lyudmila Goncharova)

4491 complete

Averie Reinhardt

The mysterious Dzi beads

4491 complete

Bingyu Dong

Si nanostructures

4491 complete

Alison Stark

Daguerreotypes (joint with Jamie Noel and Ron Martin)

4491 complete

Katelyn Melo

Ta-oxide and Ta-nitride nanowires.

4491 complete